How to Fool Others Into Thinking You Have Years of Experience


Feeling new to the game? Want to be taken seriously?

If you’re looking to make a lasting professional impression that follows you wherever you go, do this:

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We the Clients Want Your Website to Do This

Want more clients coming through your website?

Are you overwhelmed with the details of how your site will get clients reaching out to you?

Too often businesses over think the presentation of their website. You don’t need as much as you think.

Here are the basics of what we, the clients, want from your website:

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The #1 Thing You Can Do For Your Online Business, in 1 Day


“Is anyone listening?”

“Where are all of the customers?”

Not getting the response rate you expected?

You’ve got talents. You have results. You KNOW you can do this…

If only they paid attention to you

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How To Be Awesome: 12 Steps

Want to live up to your maximum potential? Here is your 12 step 
guideline to true awesomeness:

How To Be Awesome: 12 Steps

  1. Stop Watching TV

According to Nielson, the average American watches over 5 hours of television a day. Over 5 hours! That totals to a median of 35 hours a week: almost a full-time work schedule. What else might you do during that amount of time? The most successful people are creating stories in their own lives, not watching a mythical scenario of some fantasy life play out on the giant screen. Reserve the television for that last hour at night when you need to wind down, or for specially planned recreation such as a good movie on the weekend, or the big game; and use your new found time to expand upon the greatness of your own life.

  1. Engage and Connect

When you lessen your television time, it frees you up to engage and connect with others. There are many avenues to broaden your audience and establish a solid professional network that is truly gratifying. Explore sites like,, and to connect with like-minded individuals in your region. Follow your local Posh Magazines to find out when they have their high-end release parties open to the public. Get involved in your local politics or volunteer. Start a blog, record a video, write an ebook on your skills or stories to share. Furthermore, research what social networks suit your goals to ensure that you are taking full advantage of your resources and engage others with your interesting content. Continue reading


When to Hire a Travel Advisor

With the vast sea of online booking engines continuing to rise, many people are persuaded to book their trips via the internet. Considering this influx, there are rumors that travel agencies may be a thing of the past as they cannot compete with online prices. Yet, many agencies are not only adapting, but excelling by focusing on performing a higher level of specialty service for the new age traveler’s state of mind. As a travel writer, I have had the pleasure, and angst of both sides. Many professionals choose to backpack and or travel on their own might, while others are just getting started, or want someone else to handle their itinerary. When should one travel independently and when should a travel advisor be summoned from the depths of the sea? Here are 5 situations when you need a travel advisor.

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Will Russia and the West Ever Get Along? Global Exchange: Grabbing for Central Asia

I begin by stating that the suggestions on compromises presented here are merely hypothetical; they are solely written as to hash out ideas and scenarios within an exchange of conflict that is somewhat vague and possibly too complex for a simple answer, or are they?

Regarding the subject of Afghanistan, Russia-US relations have teetered between collaboration and dissonance since 2001(1). The clashing aims for economic and strategic ties with Central Asia continue to place Russia and the U.S. at pivotal points as they compete with rapidly emerging economies for economic and strategic gains(2). This analysis will focus on U.S.-Russia relations, specifically on their policies regarding Central Asia. Continue reading

Bucket list Hawaii

Your Bucket List and 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Going

Bathing under a straw-thatched hut in Polynesia; A blood-pumping getaway safari on the golden African plain; A World Cruise, watching the Northern Lights while treading the untainted scape of Iceland, or a life-altering cultural submersion in India.

It’s on your bucket list. You have it tucked away in the fantasy-oriented processing section of your right brain, or perhaps written on a crumpled scrap of paper that is now crammed in the back of a dusty drawer. Whatever it is, you keep telling yourself that you will go someday.

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Red, White, & the Blues: Explaining Cultural Gaps Between Russia & USA

In today’s world of emerging economic and political multi-polar balance of powers, it is imperative that nation states are open to understanding one another’s culture. The interaction and acceptance of once bi-polarizing powers, United States and Russia, emphatically influence the global system by their example. Unfortunately, both states pay poor attention to the aspects of the other’s values, beliefs, and attitudes resulting in many neglected cultural gaps. What may be done about this? Perhaps the answers may be threaded within the fabric of the Russian and American citizens.  Continue reading

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LA’s Deadliest Hotel: What They Didn’t Tell Me

Grand Lobby of the Cecil Hotel

I did my research. I stalked Yelp. Travelocity. The Stay on Main hostel’s website.

As a travel writer, it is my utmost duty to seek quality travel experiences. I thought I had done well. I had a great time, not much to complain about: oddities, yes. Weirdness, a little. Yet it was fine, as I was paying the cheapest rate per-night in Downtown LA for the NATPE conference. At $60 per night, I had no high hopes. Continue reading


Straight Talk Hawaii: What You Don’t Know About Paradise

The general public appears to have a romanticism with Hawaii. As a current resident on Oahu, I have observed from my vantage point how little we Americans view Hawaii as a fellow state, and more as a hedonistic vacation utopia. If visiting, it is. Living in Hawaii?  That gushy sentiment sinks slowly to the bottom of the Pacific.

IMG_0109Vacationing Hawaii is indeed a pleasant experience. One flies 2,300+ miles from the nearest continent to arrive on this gloriously chimerical land decorated with commanding green mountains that crash into an opalescent aquamarine sea; where hula girls and mai tai’s are as free as the constant Hawaiian breeze. You spend just enough time(and money) on the islands to taste the seduction of a luxurious, exotic, and sensory-pleasing experience to develop a volatile courtship. Then, the love affair builds as you watch her disappear in the distance from a smudgy airplane window. You return to your suddenly gray hometown to the dull surroundings of friends, family, and familiarity and long for the day you bask in her sunlight again. Ah. Hawaii.

“On behalf of myself and the other Oahu “expats” I would like to say stop it already.” 

It is because of this, I receive little sympathy from my landlocked friends back in the states in any obstacle I encounter here. “But you’re in Hawaii!” is the anthem of my consorts.

On behalf of myself and the other Oahu “expats” I would like to say stop it already. I’m not spending worry-free days in a hammock sipping colorful drinks with tiny umbrellas in Waikiki. My life is nothing like Hawaii 5-0, and there are times when I will not see a beach for an entire month so no, sometimes I do not have a “tan”.

I’m not implying that Hawaii is not a wonderful place to live. She is an amazing soul if you take time to properly know her and experience her in depth. Yet, she is not the life-of-ease paradise everyone assumes. Here’s a brief rundown on the realities of living in Hawaii:

  • There is abrasion and prejudice between locals and “haoles”(US Mainlanders)

Read about Hawaii’s history. There seems details are missing from American schoolbooks on the adoption of Hawaii as a state. We pretty-much forced their queen into submission. The story isn’t a pretty side of the US of A, but neither is the Trail of Tears. Heavily an effect of history alone, there is a misguided dose of bad blood between locals who history was redirected and the mainland citizens who know nothing about the story. The byproduct of which, results in anger, prejudice, seclusion, and often, confusion.

Additionally Hawaii’s limited natural resources and high-density population contribute to tension from those wishing to preserve Hawaii as much as possible. The discord varies in extremes throughout the islands. Yet, prejudice is not unheard of, with price gouging, favoritism, and even refusal of services as common practice and not capped by law.

  • Common Mainland Food Staples are Expensive

Hawaii has limited land resources. There are no cows, sheep, nor potato farms here. Therefore, foods produced from such are mostly shipped, rare, and expensive.($8 for a gallon of milk, $5-$8 loaf of bread, $5 carton of eggs) Living in Hawaii means that unless you have the extra money, it is wise to adjust your diet to what is locally available: cheap meats, white rice, and exotic fruits are a pleasant start!

  • Hawaii is the Most Isolated Population Center on Earth

One of the ever-present reminders of living in HI as a new citizen, is the reality of the distance between oneself and the ones loved(and missed) on the mainland. Family visits are tough to make and all-too-short. The fear of far away emergencies are stressful when you have 6-19 hour plane ride to get to them. From Oahu, it is 2,390 miles to California, 3,850 miles to Japan, and about 4,952 miles to New York!photo copy 5

In addition to unpredictable congestion on all Hawaiian roads, parking is a HUGE commodity here. It’s normal to go any place at any time and there is ZERO parking. Consequently, everyone circles the area or sits and stalks waits for the next people to leave – an average of 10-20 minutes.

Additionally the parking stalls are more narrow to make room and it will take a drawn out plan on how to squeeze your body out of the car door.IMG_0177

  • High Real Estate and Cost of Living Despite Meager Pay Scales

Single family homes average about $710,000 and rent averages are $1,174 for a studio apartment, $1,280 for a one bedroom, to $2,979 per month for a 4 bedroom apartment![]

  • Rising Epidemic of Homelessness

In Honolulu, the homeless can acquire shelter and 3 meals for $3 a day. Combine this and Hawaii’s ideal climate and it is no wonder that states in the Continental US are sending their homeless here on one way flights. The conclusion is an increasing homeless epidemic that is up 12% in the last year. The Honolulu Weekly recently published this article addressing concerns and the steps considered to tackle this swelling problem.

  • Hawaii time: Ideal for Vacay, Not for Business

Everything and every one moves slower in Hawaii. Speed limits are slow, people are late, and no one is in hurry to fix anything. “Chill out, Brah. Sit un ya okole n ‘lax jalike da local do. I’m dun fo da day.”

Ultimately, HawOahu Hawaiiaii is a pleasant place to live. Just don’t expect it to mirror the mainland US. It is the perfect halfway culture-point to Asia and after the first 2 weeks wear off, you will feel as if you are almost living in a foreign country. If you like surf, Asian cuisine, casual life, orgasm-inducing sites, and fresh poke, go for it. However, if milk, hard schedules, deadlines, suits, and seasons are more of your everyday thing, just come for a visit. :)

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“Я Говорю По-Русски” Russian Language Fundamentals from a Hawaiian Wahine

I’m not sure what the big deal is with American vantage points and Mother Russia. Sure, we had our “stop, drop. and roll” moments and Putin’s bare-chested theatrics make it hard to take him seriously. But what makes Russia any more intimidating than our other global neighbors? The byproduct of this abrasion, is a common question that I get from Americans and Russians alike, “Why do you speak Russian?” One party are as ironically surprised as another.

My response is always, “Why wouldn’t I speak Russian?!” Continue reading




Today, I exist in the balance:

Amid sanity and clarity,

A stalwart rebellion.

Cooperating frustration,

Lackadaisical vehemence,

A restrained flibbertigibbet.

Denial yet acceptance,

Constraining collision

Rampant jurisdiction,

A pulchritudinous disaster.

An abstruse epiphany,

Hence illuminated somnolence.

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A Handy Guide to #Hacking Your Productivity List from Former President Eisenhower

Life is busy. What a generalized understatement. In these days, every opportunity to hack a few pieces off of an exhaustive To-Do list is not only helpful, but necessary. But DO NOT FEAR! For I have provided for you one easy tool that I scratch out for my daily list to aid me in prioritizing my tasks for the day.

The credit for originality goes to the late President Eisenhower. Behold, I bring you, the Eisenhower Box:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.24.16 PM

It’s a self-explanatory tool that can be easily scratched out on paper, and the best part; it can be modified for each new, crazy day!

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” Dwight D. Eisenhower.

14 Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs for Managing Social Media

The web is oozing with constant new and innovative tools to maximize social media for businesses. This infographic lists some favorites built for entrepreneurs.

Among them, SocialBro, Buffer, and Visually’s Google analytics report are my personal favorites!

14 Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs for Managing Social Media infographic

Michael Cuddyer, center; MMM Founder Dr. Juan Montero, right; and supporters

NY Mets’ Michael Cuddyer Challenges Fans for Home Run Charity

As managing editor of Montero Medical Missions, I want to share this amazing news regarding the generous New York Met’s left-fielder and his wife:

Cuddyer is calling all fans to aid him in healing humanity, one home run at a time.

On October 30, 2014 at a fundraiser for Montero Medical Missions, Michael Cuddyer made a personal pledge to[MMM] founder Dr. Juan Montero to begin a campaign to contribute to their cause, which focuses on international medical projects and Virginia’s veterans. They are calling the campaign the “Home Runs for Humanity Challenge”.

“For every Home Run that I hit this year for the New York Mets, Claudia and I will donate $250 dollars. We feel that that’s a good amount to try and get our community businesses and corporations to match with us.“ Cuddyer,
who is now a member of Montero’s International Advisory Board, stated.

Michael is now asking fans to join him in the challenge by donating or pledging any amount starting at $1 per home run. Baseball fans and MMM Supporters alike can donate 1 – 250 dollars each home run with ALL proceeds benefiting Montero Medical Missions and Health Fair for Veterans, their domestic subsidiary.

Montero Medical Missions creates sustaining projects for vision, dental, prosthetics, and burn care in foreign countries as well as the shipment of donated medical equipment and supplies to their current establishments in the Philippines and Mongolia. Their video showing a double amputee walking for the first time on donated and crafted prosthetics from supporters and volunteer physicians is starting to attract attention on their website.

Locally, they are known for their free “Health Fair for Veterans” event, which is held quarterly to aid veterans in addressing health concerns and needs, as well as advocating further research and development for Hyper baric oxygen therapy to treat vets suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

It was for these reasons that the former National League Batting Champion [2013] wanted to contribute.

“What a city and country we have! Those priceless moments [Cuddyer’s conversation] just make me strive to do more for humankind.” A grateful and excited Dr. Montero commented on the new campaign partnership.

Dr. Juan Montero was born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to Hampton Roads where he was a general and non-cardiac thoracic surgeon for over 35 years before retiring in 2007 on his 65th birthday. He has since dedicated his time to creating sustainable healthcare projects in America and abroad.

Those that want to know more about the Home Runs for Humanity Challenge may visit for more information.

-But be prepared for a lot of home runs: Cuddyer had a .331 batting average in 2013, hit 10 home runs in the 49 games he played during the 2014 season and is already drawing attention with his strong home run pace in spring training this year with the New York Mets.